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Haws Watering Cans

HW Vannkanne - "Long reach" (Watering Can - Long-reach)

HW Vannkanne - "Long reach" (Watering Can - Long-reach)

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Vannkanne - "Long reach" (Watering Can - Long-reach)

A classic long reach watering can for the gardener who wants the very best. Produced from heavy gauge galvanised steel to resist rust.These cans are  then powder coat painted for maximum protection. Supplied with an oval all brass rose.

Available in Green as 4.5L(188/1/GRN) or 8.8L (188/2/GRN)

  • Galvanised for  rust prevention, strength and long life
  • Longer spout delivers constant watering pressure
  • All brass rose for fine spray – eliminates seedling washout
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Minimum life expectancy 20 years


Capacity (L) 4.5/8.8
Weight when full (Kg) 5.5/10
Expected Life (Yrs) 20
Long Reach Yes
Short Spout No
Supplied with Oval brass rose
Outdoor Yes
Indoor No
Conservatory, Greenhouse & Patio Yes
Seedlings Yes
Established Plants Yes
Pots Yes

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