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Dekningstrekk (Pest Control Covers)

Dekningstrekk (Pest Control Covers)

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Dekningstrekk (Pest Control Covers)

Protect crops from pests and help to reduce the use of chemicals.

Long lasting, fine mesh cover fits neatly and securely over either the Salad or Vegetable & Tomato Planter. Water directly through the mesh and simply unzip the front to harvest your crops.

Protects against carrot & cabbage root fly, aphids, flea beetle, vine weevil, birds, rabbits, squirrels and household pets.

Please Note: This product needs to be used in conjunction with Cane & Cover Supports.

Choose between:
Salad planter pest cover - GYO/HOSALMESH 
Vegetable and tomato planter pest cover - GYO/HOVEGMESH
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