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BT Lær Hansker - Heritage Garden gloves

BT Lær Hansker - Heritage Garden gloves

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Lær Hansker - Heritage Garden gloves

These gardening gloves bring a touch of English country style to your garden. With soft waterproof leather to protect your hands and long cuffs to protect your arms from roses and brambles, these handmade gardening gloves of unrivalled quality are the perfect gift choice for gardeners.

All products are handmade in Bradleys tannery in Shropshire and due to the natural materials your product may differ slightly from the image shown.


Choose between small (light grey hands) and large gloves (yellow hands) (approx sizes 7.5 and 9.5) with cream, blue or green floral linen cuffs, pink, blue or green suede cuffs or tan or dark brown leather gloves.


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