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Glasert potte (glazed pot) Fuji

Glasert potte (glazed pot) Fuji

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Glasert potte (glazed pot) Fuji - Japanese flower arranging bowl

Ikebana is the graceful art of Japanese flower arranging. Adding an understated elegance to any room, ikebana has a distinctive style, and this Fuji gift set contains everything you need to get started in this creative and addictive new pastime. Perfect if you want to practise your mindfulness, or find your inner Zen!

The low bowl is style traditionally used for ikebana. It has an eye-catching diagonal dip glaze in a go-anywhere neutral blue-grey shade. The sturdy metal Kenzan spike (or ‘Frog’) sits inside the bowl to securely hold the upright stems of your chosen blooms, making it easy to create striking flower arrangements in a Japanese style. Presented in an attractively printed gift box in recyclable corrugated cardboard.

 12cm diameter x 6cm high 

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