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WW Fuglekasse "Dovecote" ("Dovecote" nest box)

WW Fuglekasse "Dovecote" ("Dovecote" nest box)

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WW Fuglekasse "Dovecote"  ("Dovecote" nest box)

The roof has handmade timber shingles topped with a white finial. Black steel hopes around the flat-backed nest box offer structural stability—water-based white paint finish.

The box has a keyhole slot for hanging and an opening back for the nest box's annual cleaning. The design is strong and sturdy and made of FSC certified timber. As a result, little maintenance is needed. Paint annually with water-based paint to maintain a tip-top appearance.

The box is suitable for small hole-nesting species such as blue tits.

The nest box should be sited on a tree, wall or garden fitting at least 1.5m – 2.5m above the ground, preferably in a place where cats and predators cannot access it. The ideal aspect is facing east, SE and NE are also fine. The box should be left empty as wild birds will bring their own nest material into the box.

Dimensions: 470 x 260 x 160 mm

Weight: 1.66kg

Materials: FSC timber, Steel finished black

Colour: Natural wood, White with Black metal finishes

Special Features: Large nest box, dovecote style, handmade wooden shingles

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