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Sparebøsse (Seed/Hedge fund money box)

Sparebøsse (Seed/Hedge fund money box)

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Sparebøsse (Seed/Hedge fund money box)

This elegant money box gives gardeners somewhere to save for those little gardening indulgences! It’s a perfect gift for a gardening loved one, or of course it makes a very stylish way to kickstart your gardening savings fund.

This gorgeously tactile container is all about the curves. It’s created in beautifully moulded steel for a flawless, seam-free finish, with a tough powder coating to keep the gorgeous colour looking good. The smooth FSC beech wooden lid adds a lovely natural touch.

This money box will look lovely on a kitchen shelf, as it echoes the design of kitchen canisters, and in fact, it looks just like ceramic – but it won’t break if dropped!

This money box is from the Garden Supplies collection of beautiful, stylish and practical gifts, sundries and storage solutions for gardeners

Choose : Stone colour (GEN/SEEDFUNDSTONE), Dark green (GEN/HFUNDFROG), Gooseberry (GEN/SEEDFUNDGOO) or Dark blue (GEN/HFUNDATLANTIC)

Powder coated steel with FSC beech lid

Diameter 11cm, Height 11.5cm.

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