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GP Selv-vanning vinduskarme plantebrett (Self-watering windowsill plant tray)

GP Selv-vanning vinduskarme plantebrett (Self-watering windowsill plant tray)

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GP Selv-vanning vinduskarme plantebrett(Self-watering windowsill plant tray)

Windowsills can offer ideal light conditions for house plants, so this windowsill sized self watering tray will be of value to all home owners as well as being particularly useful as a holiday watering system. Once filled with water, it will keep potted plants watered for up to 14 days.

The unit features a base reservoir tray which contains a 'stilted' inner support platform which is covered in capillary matting. The base tray provides a reservoir of 3.4 litres of water. By ensuring that compost exposed at the bottom of plant pots is in contact with the capillary matting, the plants will water themselves!

The base tray and inner support platform are both manufactured from recycled polystyrene.

Size Check: 76cm (30") Long 17cm (6.5") Wide 3.5cm (1.5") High

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