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Asters: plantespade og dibber (Planting trowel and dibber)

Asters: plantespade og dibber (Planting trowel and dibber)

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Asters: plantespade og dibber (Planting trowel and dibber)

The planting trowel and the dibber both carry endorsement from the Royal Horticultural Society, possibly the highest accolade in gardening. Both hand tools have a uniquely-coloured painted FSC© hardwood handle to complement the Asteraceae design, and the trowel head is etched with a delicate butterfly illustration.

The tools have been created to be perfect partners at planting time. The heart-shaped trowel is ideal for shallow digging and scooping, with a short wide head to move soil quickly and easily. The dibber offers a fast and simple way to plant seeds, bulbs and seedlings, even in grass or harder ground.

Handles: FSC certified hardwood

Tool heads: stainless steel

Planting Trowel: Overall length 27cm, maximum width of trowel head 11cm, weight 234g 

Dibber: Overall length 26cm,  maximum width of head 2.5cm, weight: 124g 

Printed card box: 32cm x 16cm x 5.7cm

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