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BBGG Plantering pose (Children's Outdoor planter)

BBGG Plantering pose (Children's Outdoor planter)

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BBGG Planteringspose (Children's Outdoor planter)

Give children their own outdoor gardening space with this RHS-endorsed reusable outdoor planter.

Ideal for use on a patio, deck or balcony, the planter is made from sturdy felt and printed with cheerful graphics of flowers, fruit and veg. It has strong handles, so it’s easy to move around if space is at a premium. Fill this planter with flowers, herbs or small vegetables and watch them grow! At the end of the summer the planter can be washed, air dried and stored flat, ready for use again next year.

This outdoor planter is part of the RHS Growing Gardeners collection of children’s gardening tools and accessories, designed to make gardening with children easy and fun. Like all the items in the collection, this planter carries CE and UKCA certification, demonstrating that it meets EU and UK standards for health, safety, and environmental protection.

This planter is available In a choice of two sizes: large (20cm height x 48cm diameter) (GFA/GLLGRHS) and small (25cm height x 30cm diameter)(GFA/GLSMRHS).


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