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40/75m Mossing & Florists twine

40/75m Mossing & Florists twine

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40/75m Mossing & Florists twine

Nutscene® Jute or Polypropylene Mossing Twine is suitable for floristry, wreath making and garden tying.  It's great for decorating floral arrangements and creating decorative bows and knots.

An essential for any florists or gardeners trug or work box.  Nutscene® Florist Mossing Twine is available in 3 different varieties;

Natural Jute

Green Jute

Turquoise Polypropylene

Polypropylene being the strongest and most resilient and man made.

All have cardboard inner cores.

The Jute is 3ply and is 40m in length.

The Polypropylene is 75m in length.

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