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Plantebag (Planting bags)

Plantebag (Planting bags)

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Plantebag (Planting bags)

Planting Bags allow everyone to make maximum growing use of their outdoor space, from balconies to patios to roof terraces.

Planting bags are available in a variety of sizes to suit different crops. They give ample growing space to grow herbs, salads, potatoes, vegetables & tomatoes. The durable and sturdy bags have reinforced webbing handles and drainage holes. Each bag features a Burgon & Ball branding tab on the front face.

Choose between:
Window box planting bag (2 pack) - GYO/HOWINPBBAG - 50cm wide x 15cm deep x 15cm high. Capacity: 9 litres
Herb planting bag (2 pack) - GYO/HOHPBBAG - 40cm wide x 30cm deep x 20cm high. Capacity: 19 litres.
Potato planting bag (2 pack) - GYO/HOPPBBAG  - 40cm wide x 40cm deep x 50cm high. Capacity: 69 litres.
Salad planting bag - GYO/HOSPBBAG - 70cm wide x 30cm deep x 35cm high. Capacity: 62 litres.
Vegetable and tomato planting bag - GYO/HOVPBBAG - 1m wide x 40cm deep x 40cm high. Capacity: 140 litres.
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