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SC Lang håndspade (Long trowel)

SC Lang håndspade (Long trowel)

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Sophie Conran Lang håndspade (Long trowel)

This long thin trowel is an invaluable garden tool, extremely useful for a large variety of gardening tasks. From digging in tight spaces, to planting bulbs and long-rooted seedlings such as sweet peas, general weeding, as well as specifically weeding out long tap-rooted plants, the unique shape of this hand tool allows access where a normal trowel won’t fit.

The stainless steel is rust-resistant and will keep rust at bay to stay looking bright and beautiful for years to come. The FSC® beech wooden handle is carefully shaped to fit satisfyingly into the gripped hand, and the turned ferrule in solid brass provides a secure and lasting connection between handle and body.

Presented in a stylish gift box, this unusual slender trowel makes a lovely gift for any gardener .

The trowel is covered by a ten year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Head width: 5cm

Overall length 35cm

Handle: FSC beech wood

Ferrule: brass

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