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Welcome to Vien!

We are an Anglo-Norwegian husband and wife team based at Vien Gård in Spydeberg.

We have established Vien Compagniet in order to bring some of the best British garden and country living products to Norway. In each case we have chosen products that are classics in their field and have an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability.

We are proud to have been appointed as exclusive distributors in Norway for Burgon & Ball garden products, Haws watering cans, Gold Leaf gardening gloves, Corrymoor mohair socks, Backdoorshoes, Vigo juicing equipment, Cacoon hammock tents and Griffin Glasshouses.

Established in 1730, Burgon & Ball’s products are based on the finest tradition of Sheffield steel craftsmanship. Today the range also extends beyond traditional tools to include numerous garden accessories.

Haws has manufactured watering cans since 1886 and the range includes metal and plastic cans in sizes from 1 to 8.8 litres.

Launched in 2004, Gold Leaf are one of the world's leading brands of gardening gloves.

Corrymoor from Devon have bred angora goats since 1988 and have been making top quality mohair socks since 1992.

Backdoorshoes from Bournemouth are a leading manufacturer of plastic garden shoes.

Vigo from Devon sell to Queen Elizabeth II's farms and have everything one needs to make the best juice and cider.

Cacoon, also from Devon, have developed an innovative and exciting hammock tent which gives the ultimate chill out experience.

Griffin Glasshouses design, build and install high quality aluminium glasshouses in traditional styles to satisfy the requirements of demanding gardeners

Further information is set out below and the products are available both from our listed stockists and from our internet shop.

Our products can be found in groups under "Collections"or you can search alphabetically under "Products".

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