Kolleksjoner: National Trust Redskap (Burgon & Ball Collection)

The result of Burgon & Ball's collaboration with the National Trust, Europe’s largest conservation charity, the National Trust BB range of high-carbon garden tools offers superior quality and a heritage aesthetic. If you’re looking for garden tools with the strength of high-carbon steel, but don’t want to sacrifice stylish design, these are the tools for you.

Celebrating traditional manufacturing techniques, this range pays a little extra attention to detail. The spade and digging fork have a solid socket forged head and socket for optimal strength. The lopper is drop forged using hardened and tempered high-carbon steel for sharpness and durability. The hand tools feature solid brass ferrules for a secure connection and timeless style.

These distinctive garden tools have a unique look, giving a nod to the tools of yesteryear, with dark FSC hardwood handles, touches of brass and an antique bronze powder coating. But they’re about more than the looks; myriad design touches, such as the sharpened edges of the trowel to allow it to slide easily into the soil, mean that these tools simply make gardening easier, for every gardener.

And what’s more, by purchasing these tools, you are helping the National Trust look after the places in its care, as a percentage of revenue from sales of the National Trust made by Burgon and Ball collection will support its conservation work.