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24 Twine Minispools - Jute hyssing

24 Twine Minispools - Jute hyssing

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24 Minispools - Nutscene Heritage Twines

This delightful wooden seed tray will make a great colourful and very practical gift for garden lovers.

Each mini seed tray is made in the UK  and contains 24 mini spools from an array of 23 colours from the Nutscene Heritage Twine range.

The Nutscene Heritage Twine Mini Spools are individually labelled and consist of 3ply twine of 2 to 2,5mm thickness.  

For all your gardening and craft needs, Mini spools-Nutscene Heritage Twines, is an Ideal gift that will be put to many uses throughout the home and garden.

This crate of Mini Spools of Nutscene Heritage Twines is produced in Nutscene's factory in Angus, Scotland on the original machinery from the 1920s.

Contents Contain:

1 x Wooden Tray 22.5cm (L) x 15cm (W) x 7cm (H)

24 x Heritage Twine Mini Spools 3ply 13m x 7cm (H)

Nutscene twines are biodegradable. 

Colours will fade in direct sunlight.

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